Today, the New York Post and Andrea Peyser Got it Right

This week we posted a response to an opinion piece in the New York Post that we deemed to be factually deficient, mean spirited, and ill-advised.

Imagine our surprise this morning upon finding Andrea Peyser’s column — from the same New York Post — which we cannot praise enough. Kudos to Ms. Peyser, who shed light on the predictable bullying that occurred, and for speaking to those whose opinions added value to the piece. She spoke to:

  • The girl about which the column was written;
  • Her father;
  • A parent who knew the family; and
  • A psychiatrist who is an expert in bullying

Her column may be found here:

We really can’t say it much better than Ms. Peyser did, and we hope that Ms. Peyser’s colleague who wrote the opinion piece last Sunday learns something from her.


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